Sunday 25 September 2016

Dragon Tournament: Almost half way through

Adrie van GeffenRemember the adventures of Mahjong News correspondent Adrie van Geffen in the Dragon Tournament? He started six weeks ago. What happened after the first week (One down. Thirteen to go)  of missing meals and lack of sleep? Surprise: Adrie is still up and running.



After one week of Dragon Tournament at Mahjong Time, I reported that I was more or less exhausted. Being in the top of the ranking I nevertheless continued playing. Being more sensible about it (but how sensible can you be with this frequency of playing?) I more or less adjusted my schedule to play only tournaments and forget about the rated games for the time being. Also the duration of the tournament rounds has been reduced to 40 minutes. That has taken away an edge.

In just over six weeks of the 14 weeks lasting Dragon Tournament, more than 10 million dragon chips have changed ownership. With over 700,000 chips, ‘eastwin’ is comfortably in the lead. The top three, to be competing each other on November 6th in the final, is more or less fixed now. Both ‘eastwin’ and ‘once’ tend to play more than one tournament at a time and are able to get prizes. ‘GamblingQueen’ has a strong guild and rakes 10,000 chips every week for being number 1 of the winning RCR-guild (Four Seasons).

Being currently at 5th place, my target is ‘Enel’ who hasn’t won in that many tournaments (11) but scored high in the weekends (when prizes are increased  fourfold). I find myself gathering chips on a regular basis. Having participated in 33 tournaments, I managed to get a prize 18 times. In that regard ‘eastwin’ (34), ‘once’ (25), ‘ChinorosT’ (22) and ‘alex48’ (25) precede me. Overall 127 players have won a prize in the tournaments.


The amount of hours the top three is putting in is unapproachable. They seem to play all rounds, be it 7 o’clock in the morning or 1 at night, not skipping the tournaments during the day and the ‘normal’ play to gather points for the guild score.

At this moment I am in the books for getting almost 400k dragon chips. But there are subscribing costs, so my net result is 135k now. There seems to be a tendency that less players participate. It could be that the entry fee is getting too high and players are facing bankruptcy and only those who have won can continue to join. Otherwise it is still a nice way to get some coins.

When I succeed to stay in the top 10, then I will have my final reward: convert them to golden coins. And then what? The best I can think of it will be to join 135 tournaments on Saturdays or buy as many coffee breaks. Mahjong Time also has tournaments called ‘Madness’, but I think this name is more appropriate for this three months event.



As an experiment, playing a tournament on the principle of elimination, the tournament is successful. However the stretch of three months appears to be a bit too long. The outcome is more or less obvious. Personally I wouldn’t mind the tournament to be called a success and put an end to it now. With some adjustments (a shuffle with styles so weekdays and –evenings are no longer fixed with styles) and not lasting over a month this could be a nice feature for playing on Mahjong Time. For the time being: I’ll plod on….

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1Wednesday, 15 September 2010 11:26
Gertjan Davies
It's very typical that your fingers are placed in such a way that a certain brewers name is yet clearly vissible... ;) Good luck with the hunt for a place in the final!
2Sunday, 19 September 2010 06:04
Hi a3g,

To correct you, i don;t play round the clock... most tourney i don't play too, i dun even have time to play most time...since my return from macau plus new job.. lol

I played smart, not play hard :-)

Good luck to your chase... hope we will play the final together.

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