Tuesday 31 March 2015

Tight Contest for the Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong


ONLINE March 2015 - This year's Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong contest brought the largest field of competitors yet, and the crowd at the top is still tight; the title could belong to anyone. With four competitors tied for 1st, and five more just one point behind, the last couple of questions will be the make-or-break opportunity for many. The contest is likely to come down to the timing; how fast each player is able to get their answers in. So set your alarm clocks, and get sluthing!

1st place: 1-year VIP membership at MahjongTime and a copy of "Mahjong from A to Zhu"
2nd place: 1-year Premium membership at MahjongTime and a copy of "Mahjong from A to Zhu"
3rd place: 6-month Premium membership at MahjongTime and a copy of "Mahjong from A to Zhu"



Jesper Willemoes Hansen strongest in Aarhus 2010

Jesper with his prize.AARHUS - Jesper Willemoes Hansen has won the Aarhus MCR Open 2010. Martin Wedel Jacobsen was the runner-up, Isabel Bahiano Steenholm got the third prize.

There were just sixteen participants, amongst whom one foreign competitor: Hans van der Poel from Holland.

Final results 

Rank. First Name
Last Name
Nat. TP MP
1 Jesper Willemoes Hansen DEN 12 286
2 Martin Wederl Jacobsen DEN 12 271
3 Isabel Bahiano Steenholm DEN 11 378
4 Henrik Leth DEN 11 246
5 Kim Iversen DEN 9 520
6 Frank Rostved DEN 9 -11
7 Anders Labich DEN 7 370
8 Brian Krog DEN 7 22
9 Jeppe Stig Nielsen DEN 7 -55
10 Hans van der Poel NDL 7 -114
11 Martin Faartoft DEN 5 -340
12 Freddy Christiansen DEN 4 -138
13 Lars Therkelsen DEN 4 -536
14 Torben Dalum DEN 3 -235
15 Morten Andersen DEN 3 -248
16 Tina Christiansen DEN 1 -416

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