Wednesday 01 April 2015

Tight Contest for the Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong


ONLINE March 2015 - This year's Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong contest brought the largest field of competitors yet, and the crowd at the top is still tight; the title could belong to anyone. With four competitors tied for 1st, and five more just one point behind, the last couple of questions will be the make-or-break opportunity for many. The contest is likely to come down to the timing; how fast each player is able to get their answers in. So set your alarm clocks, and get sluthing!

1st place: 1-year VIP membership at MahjongTime and a copy of "Mahjong from A to Zhu"
2nd place: 1-year Premium membership at MahjongTime and a copy of "Mahjong from A to Zhu"
3rd place: 6-month Premium membership at MahjongTime and a copy of "Mahjong from A to Zhu"



Niccolo Poulsen wins Aarhus Open

NiccoloWebAARHUS - Niccolo Poulsen has won the Aarhus Open MCR Tournament (MERS 1). Runner up was Sune Korreman, third place was for Shi Hua Chen Kold. 16 players participated, all from Denmark.

 Complete results of the Aarhus Open MCR 2012

Rank. First N. Last N. Nat. TP MP
1 Niccolo POULSEN   DEN 19 189
2 Sune KORREMAN   DEN 18 480
3 Shi Hua CHEN KOLD   DEN 18 323
4 Morten ANDERSEN   DEN 17 765
5 Martin FAARTOFT   DEN 17 658
6 Tina CHRISTENSEN   DEN 15 202
7 Anders LABICH   DEN 13 248
9 Lars THERKELSEN   DEN 12 -250
10 Kim IVERSEN   DEN 11 38
11 Frank ROSTVED   DEN 10 -180
12 Henrik KROGH NIELSEN   DEN 10 -281
13 Freddy CHRISTIANSEN   DEN 9 -147
14 Jesper WILLEMOES HANSEN   DEN 9 -275
15 Torben DALUM   DEN 5 -723
16 Li Yan NIELSEN   DEN 0 -1075

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