Monday 22 December 2014

Happy Christmas from the Weitzs and Mahjong News!   


KIRKLAND, Quebec (Canada) - Even though their Christmas Card has to travel all the way from Canada to Holland, Allan and Lila Weitz never fail, like Santa. For years, they have been the first to get their Christmas card in the postbox of Mahjong News. And then, we mean a real postbox, not a digital one.

Allan and his wife Lila Weitz are long time collectors of mahjong sets. They always picture themselves on the card they send their numerous friends, in Canada and world wide. E.g. last year, we saw them shopping and wearing T-shirts with the text ‘Mah-Jongg Sets Wanted’. This year, they pose behind some of their most beautiful mah-jongg cases.

Thank you so much for your faithful Season’s Greetings, Lila and Allan. Mahjong News seizes the opportunity to share your pretty card with all mahjong friends on the globe who are the visitors of the Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Carlos Sanchez Martin winner first Spanish tournament

The Spanish Open 2009MURCIA, Spain - The first official MERS tournament on Spanish soil is won by Carlos Sanchez Martin. The foreign competition in this small tournament all ended in the top-ten.

Ernest Glaser from Austria was runner-up, the third prize was for Frenchmen Sébastien Berret.





The results

Place First name Last name Nat. TP Score
1 Carlos Sanchez Martin Es 22 858
2 Ernest Glaser At 20 782
3 Sébastien Berret Fr 19 863
4 Nathalie Mahé Fr 19 835
5 Francisco Jesus Ruiz Andreu Es 15 274
6 Anne Choux Fr 14 506
7 Annabel Di Domenico Fr 14 148
8 Antonio Guillamón Rubio Es 14 118
9 Abel Sánchez Díaz Es 12 125
10 Nuria Noguera Nicolás Es 10 -73
11 Marta Maria Victoria Sanchez Es 10 -196
12 Jose Moreno Merino Es 7 -73
13 Carmen Martin Martin Es 7 -246
14 David Lorenzo Carrasco Es 6 -405
15 Diana Fuentes Carreño Es 5 -253
16 Iñaki Rodriguez Martin Es 5 -605
17 Neus Bernabeu Es 4 -387
18 Antonio Rentero Es 3 -645
19 Eduardo Campillo Herrera Es 2 -766
20 Rafael Galdón Es 2 -907

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