Monday 26 September 2016

Facts about the disqualification

During the OEMC 2007, a Japanese player was disqualified because of cheating.

How did there raise the suspicion about the Japanese player?

The referee team was warned by several players that the player seemed to be cheating. So the head referee, Mr. Uwe Martens, decided to watch him closely.

What did the player do?

According to Mr. Uwe Martens, the Japanese had two extra tiles, which he kept secretly on his chair between his legs. Besides the head referee, also another referee, Ms. Margarete Stollwitzer, was a witness of this.

How did he get these two extra tiles?

Mr. Martens does not know. He suspects that he took them at the initial dealing. But it is also possible that he took the tiles and changed them also during the games.

Did he get many points by cheating?

At the moment that he was caught, he had 17 table points, after 6 rounds. It is not known if he has cheated in all his games. He was number 11 after session 5.

How was he caught?

When the referee saw him fumbling with his tiles below the tabletop, he laid his hand on his shoulder and told him to stand up. At first, the player refused. When he finally did, the two tiles on his chair were visible.

What happened next?

The referee penalized him with 40 points and a dead hand in this game to give the other players the opportunity to continue. The player was warned that another cheating in this round would cause a disqualification immediately and that the final penalty would be decided after the session. The decision not to disqualify the player immediately was first of all to avoid a disturbing of the session in the section the player was sitting or in the whole hall. During the sixth session, Mr. Uwe Martens had a meeting with the other referees. They decided to disqualify the player.

Did the team of the player agree?

The player denied to have cheated. The team of the player decided to make an appeal against the decision, because they were sure that there had been no cheating. Besides, they said that the player could not be penalized twice, and that he was already penalized, i.e. with 40 points.

Who took care of the appeal?

According to the regulation, a special department was formed, consisting of: Tina Christensen, Vice President of the European Mahjong Association and Chairman of the OEMC 2007 Organizing Committee; Martin Rep, Vice President of the European Mahjong Association; Martin Mauthner, representative for Martin Scheichenbauer, President of the Österreichischer Mahjongverband and Board Member of European Mahjong Association; András Boda, President of the Hungarian Mah-jong Association and Board Member of European Mahjong Association; Marco Milandri, Board Member of European Mahjong Association for Italy; Laurent Mahé, Board Member of European Mahjong Association for France, and Zhang Xiao Yan, Vice Secretary-General of the World Mahjong Organization Competition Organizing Committee.

What did the department do?

Mr. Uwe Martens informed the department. Then he was asked if the facts were 100 percent sure. Upon his confirmation, it was the remaining task of the department to decide if the disqualification should be confirmed. After a short discussion, the department voted unanimously for disqualification.

Did the Japanese accept the decision?

Two of the players did not want to play anymore. Their results where set to zero. The remaining player continued to play in the tournament.

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