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Sponsordeal Mahjong Logic, EMA

(Update: Some details about Mahjong Logic sponsoring the World Championship 2010)

STOCKHOLM - The European Mahjong Association EMA and the internet mahjong server Mahjong Logic have reached an agreement about sponsorship. To celebrate this partnership, two online mahjong tournaments will be held the coming month: an MCR tournament (April 10th) and a riichi tournament (April 17th). These pilot tournaments, however, will not be included in the new EMA MORSE ranking list.


Robert RijndersThe new partnership replaces the old cooperation with Mahjong Time, the internet mahjong server EMA had a contract with until last year. Not all EMA member countries will join the cooperation with Mahjong Logic. The Russian mahjong federation, for example, has organized a number of online tournaments on the Mahjong Time server.

Furthermore, the German Mahjong League (DMJL) does not participate because of the restrictions in the German legislation concerning gambling on the internet. Uwe MartensMr. Uwe Martens, president of DMJL, comments that, according to German law, Mahjong Logic is considered a gambling platform. "That's why DMJL cannot support the new cooperation between EMA and Mahjong Logic", says Uwe Martens.


According to Mr. Robert Rijnders, current EMA-president, Mahjong Logic wants to be a sponsor of major tournaments. "For the WMC to be held in the Netherlands later this year, Mahjong Logic has expressed its interest and willingness to become a main sponsor for that event."Jonas  Alm

Jonas Alm, CEO of Mahjong Logic, confirms there is an agreement about sponsoring the world championship. "Also, we will run tournaments where one winner can win a seat for the event", says Mr. Alm. 

No obligation

When asked about details about the agreement with Mahjong Logic, Robert Rijnders says that here is no obligation whatsoever for any EMA member country to cooperate with or display commercial advertising material about Mahjong Logic. "The idea of the partnership is that everyone can negotiate an arrangement which is suited to the situation and possibilities. EMA only requires these negotiations to be made through EMA, at least for now."
The partnership with Mahjong Logic is going to evolve in time, according to Robert Rijnders.  "There is no written contract at this stage, no binding restriction or exclusionary rule. We do hope for a beneficial cooperation of course, but we have no fixed targets. Mahjong Logic is fairly new in this field and has yet to develop both player base and its platform interface. We want to be helpful by supporting that and we hope to get a financial gain for tournament organizers at the same time."

He states that there is no problem in cooperating with a server where mahjong can be played for money. Last year a Sisi tournament was played where the winner received a free subscription to the World Series of Mahjong, where  money prizes were involved. He agrees that within EMA some members object against playing for money, while other do not. "But there is no formal position about this topic." 

Unlike DMJL, the Dutch mahjong association (also presided by Robert Rijnders) will participate in the partnership. "On the other hand, there is no problem if certain countries will continue to cooperate with Mahjong Time. Like Russia, where the players have no other option  to play online", says Mr. Rijnders. But he adds that in this case, these tournaments do not have an official status. That means, the results will not be included in the formal EMA MORSE Ranking for on line tournaments.

Online tournaments

After the summer, EMA and Mahjong Logic will initialize together online tournaments which will have a formal MORSE status. 

Information about the online tournaments on April 10th and April 17th:
Start 17:00h; 4 rounds of 80 minutes; intermissions between sessions 10 minutes; closing of the tournaments 22:50. Participation 16,50 USD per tournament. Of this amount, 15 USD is added to the prize money;  Mahjong Logic will add another 100 USD.

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1Wednesday, 07 April 2010 19:42
Mark Chizhenok
I am afraid that some of the statements of this article have been put in the wrong context which may mislead the reader. That is why I would like to make some clarifications.

The fact that Russian Mahjong Federation is cooperating with Mahjong Time in organizing Russian Online Marathon does not mean that we "will not join the cooperation with Mahjong Logic". I see no correlation between this two issues. We may organize any tournament on any platform, and the tournament at MT does not prevent us from supporting EMA tournaments with ML software.

The statement that Russia is the country "where the players have no other option to play online (than at MT)" is strange too because the Russian players may play at any publicly available server which the players from other countries use as well. In fact the Russian players use (in the order of popularity) MT,,, and ML clients.
2Wednesday, 07 April 2010 19:44
Mark Chizhenok
The Russian Mahjong Federation always stands for diversity of choices, and we welcome any new servers if they are good place to play mahjong.
3Monday, 26 April 2010 23:56
I play on Mahjong Logic network through MahjongExpress which gives the biggest bonus :)

Looking forward to all the official tournaments
4Sunday, 09 May 2010 09:38
I don't play on Mahjong Logic, that's the biggest bonus of all! :) Looking forward to play on Tenhou.
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