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Kedah to review mahjong licence renewal

ALOR SETAR, November 23 - The Kedah government will review the renewal of mahjong licence and will not grant approval automatically, said Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak. He said approval would only be granted after consulting the local council entertainment committees.

"Mahjong is a form of gambling. For that reason we are reviewing the licence renewal," he told reporters after presenting 346 heads of cattle for the Aidiladha sacrifice to district offices and state government agencies and departments at the Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium here today.

He was commenting on a question on mahjong licence raised by Sidam assemblyman Tan Joo Long at the state assembly yesterday.

Azizan said the state government might consider approving the licence only to Chinese associations pending discussions and the study.

He said gambling destroyed families and some gamblers had resorted to seeking loans from 'ah long' (loan sharks) to repay gambling debts.

Kedah (also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Aman, or 'Abode of Peace') is a state of Malaysia, located in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia.
(New Straits Times)
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1Monday, 23 November 2009 17:58
It's good to see MahjongNews staying on top of the news collecting side, steal... copyi... giving us news from around the Internet.

Good job! I'm sure that text isn't copyrighted or anything.
2Monday, 23 November 2009 19:38
Mahjong News
By far the biggest part of what MahjongNews presents is the result of the effort of the staff: writing stories about tournaments, interviews with people who are of interest for the mahjong world, reports and breaking news, etcetera. Many people make contributions to the internet mahjong newspaper, e.g. by writing columns, composing reviews, compiling rankings or suggesting interesting links (the latter does not happen often, sadly).
Furthermore, to keep ourselves informed, we are actively browsing the internet. If we find really important news, then of course we check all facts ourselves, in order to improve the quality of the stories. E.g., officials in the Philippines who seize an illegal transport of tugs, claim that, in China, ivory is used to make mahjong tiles. But, in reality, ivory is hardly ever used for the manufacturing of mahjong sets. We provide our readers with this information.
Then, there is a category of news which is impossible to check for MahjongNews. This is the news from all over the globe which we mainly call ‘trivial news’, since it is somewhat entertaining - however sad the stories sometimes may be. When we think these short news items are of interest for our readers, we present them all the same. With a credit line to the newspaper or website we stole the news from, giving them full copyright - even though we know that, according to copyright legislation, this probably will not stand before a judge.
We realize that, in these cases, we are a) balancing on what is allowed according to copyright rules, and, b) that sometimes stories are presented as ‘real news’ while we are not sure that they are one hundred percent true. We have doubts about an account of a taxi driver who talks a couple with a gambling problem out of a divorce.
On the other hand, the nature of these articles most of the time is rather clear, so we suppose that our readers will not take these stories too serious.
But, perhaps, in this matter, we are being to careless. We could easily decide to stop presenting these ‘trivia’.
Do our readers want us to? Please give us your opinion. Should we stop the short items, and only present the serious news which we have checked ourselves? Or do you like to read the short 'trivial' items every now and then, just for entertainment? Please help us to make a good decision.

Martin Rep, editor
3Tuesday, 24 November 2009 08:22
How about a syndicated news feed instead of just copying and publishing the news items? It'd give people who like the trivia items a link to the article in question, maybe with a short synopsis to go with the link, and if people are interested they can just click to go to the actual site and read it.
4Wednesday, 25 November 2009 07:40
I think it's fine, but Mr Rep should not mistake updating with updates. Perhaps writing some editorials and opinion pieces about the european mahjong scene, as well as the game itself might be interesting, as Mr Rep must be a community veteran as well as a mahjong expert.
5Thursday, 26 November 2009 01:53
Mahjong News
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6Thursday, 26 November 2009 15:44
I didn't mean a feed from What I meant was a feed of the news items that you are currently copying freely, like this kedah piece. Have this stuff where the RM stuff is currently placed and it'd be great - link to the original article. Most everyone knows about, so there's no need to have their feed on mahjongnews.
7Thursday, 26 November 2009 15:49
Mahjong News
I know what you said! But I asked your comment on the Trivia News Feed; it's not on the Front Page, like the ReachMahjong.Com feed, but on most other news pages of this site. I had it on the Front Page, actually, but did not like it there.
Martin Rep
8Saturday, 28 November 2009 16:07
So what if a news site that specializes in Mahjong runs content that originated from another source? Regular news sites and newspapers take stuff from news feeds all the time. Besides, I don't think anyone who is interested in a mahjong news site actually cares where the content was originally published.
9Friday, 04 December 2009 10:54
Mahjong News
I have tried the newsfeed for a week, but I prefer the regular 'trivia' page. After consulting some of my most important co-readers, I decided to kill the newsfeed.
Martin Rep
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