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EC Riichi 2013: ten hanchan plus a team competition


BADEN - The European Riichi Championship 2013 will take place at Bad Vöslau near Vienna in Austria. The board of the European Mahjong Association (EMA) has approved with the bid of Mr. Alexander Doppelhofer of the Austrian Great Dragons riichi mahjong club.  This means the championship will be held from September 18th~22nd. The championship will be played in ten hanchan (sessions), starting Friday and ending on Sunday. The day before this competition, an optional team championship will take place, which will be concluded Friday morning.



The registration fee for the ECR 2013 will be €100. Playing in the team competition will cost €50. The cost of the dinner is not included in the fee.

In the EC Riichi 2013, 80 players can participate; the quota of the various countries will be decided upon shortly. The championship will take place in the air-conditioned cellar of the vineyard ‘Schlossberg’ (Castle mountain) at Bad Vöslau. 

On Friday, two hanchan will be played; the next day, five more hanchan will follow. On Sunday, the last day of the competition, two hanchan plus the final will take place.

The formal ECR is preceded by a team championship, to which 80 players can subscribe, but only 64 can qualify. This competition will consist of four hanchan.



The EC Riichi 2013 will be the third European championship. Both the first and the second took place in Hanover, Germany.

In 2008, Danish player Thomas Kragh won the tournament; two years later, Maurice Demmer from the Netherlands grabbed the title.

The Dutch, who, together with the Hanover mahjong club, organized the ECR 2008, also had applied to take care of the ECR 2013. 

Full programme of the EC Riichi 

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1Monday, 23 April 2012 18:22
So you pay 50 € to play in the team competition. But you fail to qualify. So, pffft... bye bye 50 €. And what to do the rest of the day???? Bad idea.
2Wednesday, 25 April 2012 07:43
Alexander Doppelhofer
We will think about the realisation of the qualification round for the team tournament in detail, if one is necessary. About this there will still be many discussion until a decision is reached to ensure a good tournament, Also it has to be discussed with the EMA, and as such I think it is unfair to already declare it as a "bad idea". If 80 persons participate, everybody plays in the qualification round. The best 64 advance and play for the rankings 1 to 16 inclusive a final round. The 4 teams (16 players) which did not qualifiy themselves, play for the rankings 17 to 20. There no final round will be held and so they can enjoy the Friday and return later.

If you don't like it you can come to me and complain about it. If you like it it would be nice to not only tell me but also write here about it. Whatever it is please judge after you have experienced it instead of beforehand.

So look forward to it, let yourselves be surprised and judge after 1 year and 5 months, when the event has taken place.
3Wednesday, 25 April 2012 13:52
Senechal Duhaut
Quoted: "Whatever it is please judge after you have experienced it instead of beforehand."

There's a bit of incredulity to suggest that criticism is only allowed after a) the tournament and b) 50 euros. It would be irresponsible *not* to say anything for a year and a half.

Even if the organization of the event is top-notch, if the communication is poor, some people are bound to be driven away. Not enough to jeopardize the event of course, but if a valid question is asked, the answer can't be "STFU, but plezse write about it": that's condescending.
4Wednesday, 25 April 2012 23:26
First off the main concern of skipper, namely only being able to play 1 round after paying
50 Euro, has been answered. You can play the same rounds as everybody else except the final
one. Also it is not the same to ask a question and to make a negative comment that includes
a question behind negative criticism. And this criticism was, as it seems, based on a
misunderstanding. So normally you ask a question first instead of answering in such a way.
Nevertheless the expressed concern has been addressed. So there is nothing in the line of

Also you can't just quote a sentence out of context. In your comment it seems to say that
nothing should be said beforehand, whereas in the statement the whatever it is, is clearly
referring to the "don't like" or "like" alternatives in response especially to skipper. That's a big difference. As such it's a quite valid response to a poorly asked question in my opinion.
5Wednesday, 02 May 2012 09:14
Is there a list of Hotels within walking distance and maybe the prices? I want to see what I can expect in budget and start saving up beforehand.

Thank you.
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