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20Thursday, 19 January 2012 23:00
Mahjong News
Okay, so it's a Hong Kong Mahjong style game…
Good luck, it's always great to have a new server on the www to play.

PS: On the homepage, you say 'just click the PLAY NOW link'. But this link is nowhere to be found.

Martin Rep
19Wednesday, 18 January 2012 08:42
We have launch our BETA multiplayer real-mahjong.
You can try it at
18Monday, 25 April 2011 02:33
Thanks so much for this article and to Jo for his website, as a mac user I have struggled to find Hong Kong style games to play. I shall now be able to practise as much as I like. Wonderful.
17Wednesday, 23 February 2011 20:40
It's great to learn more about this game before having to buy it. That's what a review is for, after all.
16Wednesday, 23 February 2011 14:08
I learnt mahjong with my parents and my grand-parents when I was 7 or 8. It was a (poor) kind of European classical rule. Tiles were translated.

I think true mahjong (with the 136 or 144 right tiles) can be taught to kids as soon as they can count fluently. But complex rules should come step by step.

Tenhou - just sit and go

If you want a quick round of Riichi mahjong then Tenhou is the place to be. Most of the time over 5000 players are on line and it is just sit and go. If you only want to play for fun you don’t even have to create an account: just click ‘ok’ and the system will create an account for you, no password needed.

Always enough players

Screenshot of TenhouWithin the Riichi rules you can choose to play with open tenyao (all simples) or not and with or without red fives or a three players version. There is no wait for other players for there are always enough. However you  don’t have a choice who you play with. There might be, by creating a private room, but it went too far for me to try it. Although there is some thorough documentation about the possibilities of Tenhou at the all Japanese interface makes it unattractive to me to explore.

The gameplay is quite obvious. A button is to ignore is shown when you can make a combination. If you want to make the chow, pung or kong then put your pointer on the tiles of the set. I just keep in mind that the button with the square character in front is the one that says mahjong (ron or tsumo).

Lingual gap

The lingual gap is too big for me to download and install the program, I think needed to play for money or competition. I’ll just stick to the ‘for fun’ part without download, just to play a quick game and satisfy my daily need. Playing on Tenhou has the same feeling as when playing full computer versions like Four Winds or Nine Dragons. Ther is no personal touch to it, no interaction between players and all in all quite mechanical and emotionless and impersonal. But good to enhance your skill and certainly speed of thinking.


variants: riichi
language: Japanese
download needed: no
Read also: Kong88



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1Tuesday, 31 August 2010 06:42
Tenhou is fun but dont expect to ever win if you find yourself playing against the players that do "pay to play". I have actually recorded my plays and found that the game magically cheats for the players who play as they seem to get incredible amounts of luck and end up winning almost all of the time. This almost NEVER happens when I play against other "no name" players however. If you play often enough you'll end up realizing how much of a joke it really is.
2Friday, 31 December 2010 16:30
Don't talk rubbish. The wall is generated at the start of a round using a mersenne twist algorithm. Yes in theory the game could generate several walls until it found one giving the paying players favourable starting hands (but it doesn't), but past that it's impossible for it to "cheat" as it can't know if people will call, etc.

You obviously just don't understand the laws of probability or mahjong.
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