Tuesday 27 September 2016

Luck, skill, focus

> Although you are focused you can lose!!! Certainly! I never stated otherwise. Good for you that you are able to focus all the way through a tournament! It's a very important ability in any sport, both mind sport and physical sport! Still, many players aren't able to maintain their focus all the way through, particularly if they are losing. Many players show visible frustration when losing and this certainly affects their concentration. What is luck? Probably we all use the word a little differently. For me luck is when something of low probability happens. I make tsumo waiting for only one tile, while another player with a three-sided wait, who has been waiting for a longer time than me doesn't get his hand. That's lucky. If the player with the three-sided wait had won, was that then skillful play by optimizing his hand? We can't answer that without analyzing every tile picked and played. Maybe a more skillful player would have played my hand to a better wait? Maybe we both got the optimal from the tiles we picked and one player was just more lucky in getting the tiles needed? Luck is just luck (probabilities), sure. I agree. Skill is making the most of your tiles when you a not so lucky. Maybe my subject line was misleading. I believe what I wrote is true, that a player who had some bad luck may become frustrated and lose concentration, which means he makes some bad choices (which he doesn't necessarily notice!), and when he then loses again he feels very unlucky, but this "bad luck" he has brought upon himself by playing less than optimal. So bad luck can lead to bad focus which can lead to further losses which are easily interpretated as a string of bad luck. A player who is always able to keep his focus is not subject to this. Mahjong is about probabilities, skill and focus. Luck is in the probability part.
This is a comment on "Digital vs. Occult"

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