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Subscription opened for Phoenix Riichi Tournament

HANOVER - Subscription has opened for the Phoenix Tournament in Germany. This tournament is the unoffial German riichi championship.

Co-organizer Norbert Luckhart: "It is a two days' tournament, and there are six hanchan. But since just 28 players can participate, we decided to apply for just 1 MERS point instead of 2." The competition takes place in the Cafe Kaiser in Hanover, October 22nd~23rd.

The first Phoenix Tournament was held in 2009. Gemma Collinge from the UK was the winner. Last year, the tournament did not take place, as it would have coincided with the European Riichi Championship, which also took place in Hanover.

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1Thursday, 28 July 2011 17:17
don't get why only 28 participants...

a two days tournaments where no one goes, seems weird
2Thursday, 28 July 2011 18:17
Mahjong News
'Only' 28 participants? We have had smaller tournaments than that. E.g. Spain, Sweden and Denmark (MCR). Or riichi tournaments in Denmark, Austria or Holland. Some of the best players of Europe had a great time there, and sometimes during two days!
No one goes? Well, I will be there, for one. And 27 other eager riichi players, I am sure of that!
Hope to see you, and other French players, at the next competition, Nicolas. (And you still have time to subscribe for Hanover. A great city where live is never expensive, and the beer always very good! ;-)
Martin Rep
3Thursday, 28 July 2011 21:41
for the 1st Tournament of the Rhine (Strasbourg) !

12-13 november 2011, MCR rules, MERS 1.
64 players max, 6 rounds (2h), 35 Euros.

More info :

4Friday, 29 July 2011 17:09
28 players is not as few as suggest in my first comment....But i still don't get their point of view

Why do they prefer a mers1 instead of 2?

if we take a look at the past Rcr tournaments( and the few to come soon) we can see that the average participants is more arround 40 than 28.

Ps: the beer argument still a good one =)
5Friday, 29 July 2011 18:45
Edwin Phua
I believe, based on what I read, that the quota for the Phenix tournament is maximum 28 players, probably because of space and logistics constraints, not because it is unpopular, or undersubscribed.

Additionally, because it is the 'unofficial' German championship for riichi mahjong, it can qualify for MERS-2 (only for national-level tournaments). However, because of what reason/constraints, the quota is set at 28 players, so it would probably be viewed as insufficient for a national-level tournament, so applying for MERS-1 (i.e. a local/city-level tournament) is more appropriate.
6Tuesday, 02 August 2011 14:26
I think Edwin hits very close to the mark.

When organizing a tournament one of the first things is to find is a location. Often you may have access to a small venue, maybe where your club plays regularly, but if your tournament is successful, it won't be large enough. But you will only know this a few weeks before the tournament at which point it might not be possible to find a bigger place and get all the logistics in place (tables, sets, catering).

On the other hand you might hire a venue with space for many players, but receive only few registrations, and then you will have a hole in your budget.
7Sunday, 11 September 2011 21:31
Norbert Luckhardt
sorry for being late with a word from (near) the organisers: we had long thought, when and where we could make a German Riichi Open this year - but never reached a point, where place, opportunities of the organisers-to-be, and a not-too-strong or near competition of other important Riichi tournaments matched... (we'll try again for the first half of 2012)

So we decided to make at least something - and thus chose the Gaststätte Kaiser (Tina and Edwin got it right) as the venue, where we won't need to bring material to (it's already there) nor pay a big rent for the room - more over the food is good and inexpensive, and there's of course the beer argument! ;-) But Kaiser's has restricted space, and we need to use the pub's tables, because there will be normal operations in the evenings... more over we don't have much time to change settings for lunch and back, so that's why we can only make 7 playing tables and thus host 28 players - and that'd really be a bit hard a restriction for a RERS-2.

by the way: one more seat left...
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